Annual Coverage at Half the Cost of an In-House EHS Manager

Companies often struggle with the decision to hire a full-time EHS professional or to delegate those duties to Human Resources or Operations staff who already have other responsibilities. H&A offers another alternative that will leave you confident that safety is covered.

AssuredCompliance gives you access to a team of experts that will fulfill your ongoing safety needs on an annual partnership basis. We assess your current situation, develop and implement a customized plan to achieve and maintain compliance, manage your EHS system, and file required reports so you can rest assured your workforce and your workplace are in safe, working order, guaranteed. If you incur a citation for something we should have managed, we pay for it.

You can count on H&A to:

A Team Comprised of Experts On Your Business

H&A specializes in supporting companies in the manufacturing and distribution, healthcare and life sciences, emerging technology, and construction industries. Your AssuredCompliance team will include an industry expert with multiple years of experience identifying and administering to the specific health and safety issues your business faces. Our assessments and programs cover common industry challenges, including fall protection, hazard communication, ergonomics, machine guarding, lockout-tagout, respiratory protection, electrical hazards, multi-employer worksites, and many others.

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