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ray bans online Printing machine printing plate is a steel plate, method for making steel corrosion method, frame and lens printing graphics are very small, so the size of the plate does not need to be too big. According to the printing industry standard, can use 75mm * l00mm and 100mm * 100mm two the size of the plate, and the glasses frame and printing the longest side length is only 20mm, so the picture can use 75mm * 100mm steel plate. Steel plate produced by the traditional method of corrosion. The font is very small, the exposure time can be shorter, the depth of uniform plate. ray ban sunglasses outlet

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ray ban australia The frame and lens printing although is a very simple process, but can be seen from the printing process, characteristics of the: Printing is suitable for printing area is very small, the printing position of irregular product; it is glasses products need to print part of special printing process can be used to make wonderful. discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban sunglasses cheap On the market, sun glasses, mostly only beautiful appearance, but it is easy to leave red marks, and even lead to headache. But Rodenstock (Rodenstock) glasses design, perfect training precision, with more than one hundred and thirty-five years of experience and one hundred percent German technology that will not appear so. In order to create a super light frame sunglasses styles of design, also has filled with the sense of the times and the protection of all aspects of the glasses.