EHS Database Manager

Hellman & Associates offers tools to support your EHS data management requirements with stormwater inspection management and air permit emission inventory and reporting.

SWMP Compliance

Stormwater Inspection Management
How much time do you spend managing stormwater compliance issues? H&A has developed the EHS manager tool SWMP Compliance™ which is a software solution that automates every step in the stormwater inspection management process. Meet EPA standards and create a documentation path with all related data in one central repository. The electronic documentation also allows for data analysis, trending reports, electronic signatures, and archiving.

Most environmental managers can relate to the cumbersome task of managing stormwater inspections using an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet. For oil and gas companies that have multiple wells in various locations, this can be a complicated error-prone job that is difficult to manage.

SWMP Compliance is and EHS manager that includes the following features:

This level of organization reduces your risk of regulatory exposure that can lead to hefty fines.

To see how easy and efficient it is to manage your stormwater inspections with SWMP Compliance™ as your EHS manager, contact Ryan Hellman today and schedule your personal product demonstration.