Hellman & Associates' Client Testimonials

At Hellman & Associates (H&A), our partnership with our clients creates a highly responsive, cost-effective alternative to traditional project-based environmental health and safety (EHS) consultation.

“I really believe that Hellman & Associates has our best interests at heart when making sure we’re on top of regulatory requirements and the safety of our employees, however our relationship has also benefited our business directly. Not only has working with Hellman & Associates lowered our mod rate when it comes to worker’s comp, our partnership provides us with safety credentials that are often necessary when we go in to bid on large contracts – at a significantly lower cost than hiring an in-house safety manager.” - Steve Davis, Coblaco Services

After using numerous trainers over the years, we chose to use Hellman & Associates to provide HAZWOPER Refresher training for our site spill response team this year. Our H&A trainer spent a considerable amount of time customizing the training and delivered a quality presentation that included hands on exercises. Most importantly, she kept the participants engaged throughout the training session. I received more positive comments concerning the training this year than all of the previous years combined. In fact, this is the first year that I did not receive any negative comments. I look forward to using Hellman & Associates again for future training needs. - Veronica McKinney, PHR, Goulston Technologies, Inc.

"My experience with Hellman & Associates was one of professional expertise. The IH not only provided technical information related to heat stress, he also had the experience to help my team relate to the technical aspect during construction of the wind farm. This ability to translate technical information in layman terms made the process of protecting our workers and establishing safe protocols intuitive."- Fravel Combs, Company Manager of EHS Mortenson Construction

"We were notified of a pending Joint Commission inspection but did not have an in-house safety officer at the time. Hellman and Associates helped us put together policies and procedures specific to our facility to satisfy the requirements of the Joint Commission. They ensured we were well prepared for our inspection which we passed quickly and easily. Since then, we have continued to call on them to fill interim needs. We have found them to be knowledgeable about healthcare-specific safety considerations and able to provide the support we need to maintain a safe environment."- Jack D. Shiker, Director of Facilities Management Littleton Adventist Hospital

"As part of our annual safety service contract with Hellman & Associates, we took advantage of their forklift training. It was the best, most thorough, forklift training we have experienced. Our trainer engaged every participant with her knowledge and sense of humor. I came away from the training knowing that every person there would do a better and safer job of driving a forklift in our busy plant. Thank you for a job well done. - Dennis Sandilan, Goltra Castings

"Hellman & Associates has been a valuable partner and resource to our safety program since 2007. By providing quality, onsite training and jobsite safety analysis with our employees, awareness and compliance for safe work practices has been taken to the next step. Their experience and knowledge of construction safety provides confident support for a demanding industry." -John Moore, Hydro Construction

“We were committed to achieving OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) status as a top priority. The problem was, we did not have the expertise in house make that commitment a reality. We wanted trusted professionals to be our partners through the entire process from evaluating our administrative requirements to walking the facility with the VPP audit team and Hellman & Associates provided that support.” - Grant Pearson, Director of Operations, L’Oreal USA

“We brought in Hellman & Associates because of their knowledge level and expertise, in particular, in the manufacturing industry. The training they’ve provided us with has been presented well. Our employees have retained what they learned and they walk out of the training with the ability to incorporate this knowledge into their jobs. Hellman has also provided consulting services on various work processes at our facility and their recommendations show that they understand our industry. They are able to make recommendations that take into consideration the balance between requirements and what we need to do as a business.” - Deb Bennett, GE Analytical Instruments

"What’s pleased me the most is the working relationship my employees have with our Hellman & Associates consultant. We’d worked with a consultant in the past who was antagonistic, and that’s not effective in a construction environment. Additionally, Hellman has really helped us to address the safety issues they’ve uncovered. Sometimes we just don’t have the time or resources to follow through on them internally, and with Hellman we can rest assured they’re taken care of." - Roger Dekloe, New Generation Homes

"Hellman & Associates made applying for the Colorado Cost Containment incentive easy. Their Associate knew exactly what documents were needed and pulled all of the information together for us. We simply reviewed the information, added a few items they did not have access to and sent the package to the State. Soon after, we received our Workers Compensation insurance deduction." - Beth Turner-Graziano, ADA-ES

“There are hidden costs in not having a safe workplace. People take time off for doctor’s appointments, the team gets upset if someone gets injured, and customers get upset when we have a poor safety record. Before engaging Hellman & Associates, our track record measured by our OSHA-reported incident rate was not what we wanted it to be, and we lacked the basic documentation that OSHA would need if they showed up on our site for an inspection. With Hellman, we now have experienced and knowledgeable safety managers at our fingertips, and they tailor their work to fit our needs. They’ve helped us to introduce a new culture of safety into our organization, and it shows – both in our numbers and on our job site.” - Chuck Funai, Cummins Southern Plains