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Biden’s Call on OSHA for Temporary Emergency Standards

On the first day of his presidency, Joe Biden appointed a new deputy assistant secretary at OSHA and called on the agency to determine whether temporary emergency standards should be issued to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a clear indicator that the new administration regards workplace safety as a priority and we believe it likely that regulatory compliance will be a focus over the next four years. 

Our legal advisory partner, Sherman & Howard, issued a clear and concise advisory outlining the requirements of President Biden’s executive order

If you are an ASSUREDComplianceSM partner, our team has already implemented an Exposure Control Plan addressing COVID, customized for your work environment. If you are not an ASSUREDCompliance partner or EHS Support client, you will want to take actions to make sure you are in compliance with possible forthcoming standards issued by OSHA.

If OSHA determines that emergency standards relating to COVID-19 should be issued, the deadline is March 15, 2021. In the meantime, we will keep you updated and support our ASSUREDCompliance partners as standards are enacted.

If you do not have a safety program in place, contact us to learn more about how you can keep your employees safe through COVID-19 and beyond. 

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

On Saturday, November 7 we spent time with http://www.alittlehelp.org  making an impact in our community. We value the importance of supporting our elders so they can remain a part of our community, especially during the challenge of this pandemic. We spent our Service Saturday helping our neighbors with home maintenance so they can stay in the homes they have come to love and maintain the network of friends and neighbors they have developed over the years.

Hellman & Associates Recertified as a VPP Star Site

Hellman & Associates is proud to have been recertified as a “Star” worksite in the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), the highest level of recognition for workplace health and safety excellence. VPP consists of an elite group of companies who put the safety of their employees first. By maintaining pinnacle safety standards, VPP participants are exempt from OSHA-programmed inspections—and experience 50% fewer workplace injuries.

The Signs & Symptoms of Heat Stress

The U.S. is experiencing yet another week with heat waves expected across the country, exposing outdoor workers to dangerous risks related to heat exposure. Hellman & Associates has developed a handy infographic that you can post at your workplace and share with your employees to help them identify the signs and symptoms of heat stress so they know when to cool down before serious health risks set in. 

Download the PDF >>

Download the PDF >>

Safely Reopening: Practical Tips

As an employer, how do you implement safe practices when reopening your workplace after the COVID-19 related economic shutdown? In this 30-minute webinar, Hellman & Associates’ Principal Environmental Health & Safety Consultant Craig Snyder and Sherman & Howard safety and health attorney Patrick Miller discuss the recent orders from the State of Colorado regarding the limited reopening of the state’s economy and best practices for employers to follow as they reopen.

September 10, 2020 SafeLand Training

The next class will be held September 10,  2020 8:00 am-5:00 pm at H&A’s Wheat Ridge, CO training facility

Hellman & Associates is an authorized SafeLand training provider of both the Basic Orientation and Core Compliance student courses. We can help your company become SafeLand USA compliant as required by the operator oil companies. …

January 9th: The Friday the 13th for Workplace Injuries

Colorado workers’ comp provider Pinnacol Assurance crunched the numbers to find out when workers are at the greatest risk of injury. Over the past five years, the company has received 62% more claims on January 9 than the daily average. The most common injuries are slips, trips, and falls followed by strains.

There are five main attributes that contribute to this high rate of injury:

  1. Lack of attention People are coming back from vacation and their heads aren’t in the game.
  2. It’s slippery While temperatures climbed up to 42 on January 9, 2020, lows were still below freezing, causing slick conditions. Plus, wet indoor surfaces from snow and ice being tracked inside can pose a harzard.
  3. It’s dark With winter solstice being just a couple weeks behind us, there’s a high chance that workers are either arriving at or leaving work when it’s dark, when they can’t see hazards.
  4. Improper footwear Dress shoes and high heels often have slippery soles, and in the interest of time people often skip the precaution of snow boots.
  5. Hands in pockets Although not for the reasons one might think, mittens and gloves are a good preventative measure. It’s hard for people to catch themselves when their hands are in their pockets.

If January 9 came and went without incident at your company, that’s great, but you’re not out of the weeds yet. February 4 is the most dangerous day for teachers.

This winter, make sure your employees are aware of hazards and how to prevent them by downloading our toolbox talks on Slips, Trips, and Falls and Cold Work Hazards. For specialized, site-specific training, contact us at 303.384.9828 or fill out our contact form and a safety representative will get back to you shortly.

OSHA’s 2020 Target: Beverage Manufacturers

Are You Prepared for an Inspection?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) announced a regional emphasis program in the Denver area with a goal to reduce or eliminate hazard exposure for employees working in the beverage manufacturing industry. Effective immediately, OSHA is conducting enforcement inspections of:

• Distilleries
• Breweries
• Wineries
• Soft Drink Manufacturing
• Bottled Water Manufacturing
• Ice Manufacturing

Beverage manufacturers who are found in violation of any safety standards face hefty fines. If you’re not 100% sure whether you are in compliance, contact Hellman & Associates today. We can assess your worksite and help you remedy any deficiencies before OSHA comes knocking.

The Heat is On–Is Your Workforce Safe?

Temperatures in the Denver area eeked up to over 100 degrees last week, with heat spreading from the Plains and Midwest to the East Coast. 50,000 New Yorkers lost power during the heat wave, and temperatures across the country will continue to be in the red zone this week. Now is a perfect time for an impromptu toolbox talk on heat stress, contributing factors, and how to prevent it. Left unchecked, heat stress can lead to heatstroke, a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Make sure your employees are aware of the signs of heat stress and how to cope with it. Download our Toolbox Talk on Heat Stress for a ready-made safety meeting agenda. We have dozens of toolbox talks on our Resources page , and they are all free and ready to use.

Heat Safety: There’s an App for That

Encourage your employees to be prepared by downloading the OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool. It includes a real-time heat index, hourly forecasts, and first aid for heat stroke and heat exhaustion. 

August 27-30, VPPPA Safety + Symposium

Hellman & Associates will be exhibiting and presenting again this year at the VPPPA Safety + Symposium in New Orleans, August 27-30. Visit us at booth 710 to find out how we have helped leading companies achieve and maintain VPP Star Site status. Mark your calendar for our presentation: Compliance Calendars, Tips and Tricks for the To-Do List Lover on Friday morning, August 30 at 9:15am. You’ll learn how to build your own calendar to stay on top of compliance across operations and sites.