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Standard Lifting Techniques to Avoid Back Injury

Back injuries and pain stemming from improper lifting techniques is an ever present problem in any job that regularly requires workers to lift or move objects. While sporadic or occasional lifting using improper lifting techniques may not immediately result in back injury, such improper technique can eventually result in an injury. Back injuries are rarely from a one time lift using improper techniques. Listed below are proper techniques that should be practices at all time, on any amount of weight.

  • Always keep the weight as close to you as possible.
  • Always hold the object in front of you.
  • When traveling with a load, try to keep it near waist height.
  • The weight should be distributed between both hands.
  • If you must turn, turn with your feet, not your body.
  • Never jerk or twist!
  • Put the weight down by keeping your low back bowed in.
  • Wear shoes with non-slip soles.

The pictures below demonstrate some of these practices: