Does your Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program save you money?

With Hellman & Associates' ASSUREDComplianceSM Program it can.

Keeping up with OSHA regulations, constantly monitoring job sites for hazards, training English and Spanish-speaking workers and documenting safety programs can be overwhelming. Let us serve as your outsourced EHS manager – for about half the cost of an in-house EHS manager.

It's proven, that by creating a partnership with our clients, they not only see an up-front cost savings over hiring an in-house EHS manager, but our clients have reduced their workers’ comp rates by 5% in the first year alone, and achieved further savings in following years as their mod rate drops.

Here is actual client data that supports the claim that workers’ comp rates fall in the first year. The following graphs illustrate the success of our partnership with a client who struggled with above-industry average injury rates and excessive workers’ compensation premiums.

Hellman & Associates began Services in March of 2007.

Click here to see the complete case study for our client, and get a more detailed look at how a partnership with Hellman & Associates not only provides a safer workplace, but also saves you money.