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Environmental Compliance Services

Keep Hazardous Situations in Check With Our Environmental Compliance Services

Chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic health and safety hazards can subject employees on the worksite as well as members of the community to harmful exposure if not properly monitored and remediated. This type of offense carries high penalties from both OSHA and the EPA. H&A implements environmental operational processes that keep you in compliance and your surroundings safe.

  • Water Discharge and Quality
    H&A implements comprehensive water quality monitoring programs and makes recommendations for appropriate treatment and mitigation measures. We will oversee, implement, and coordinate environmental compliance programs for all regional, state, and federal regulatory mandates, and conduct employee training.
  • Air Emissions and Permitting
    H&A has developed an internet-based air permit emission tracking database. AQPCompliance™ provides easy-to-use consumption data recording, up-to-date compliance tracking against permit limits, and daily email reports for tracking compliance. H&A is uniquely qualified and has significant experience in managing the challenging issues of air quality permit management.
  • Hazardous Materials Reporting
    If there is a fire or catastrophe at your worksite, the fire department needs to know what is in your facility, and every city/state has difference requirements. H&A will take inventory of materials and chemicals that require documentation and create material safety data sheets (MSDS) and reporting to adhere with the requirements of your business and specific location.
  • Storm Water Management
    Most environmental compliance service managers can relate to the cumbersome task of managing storm water inspections using an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet. H&A has developed a software solution that automates and manages every step in the process of meeting EPA standards, complete with a documentation path.
  • Hazardous Waste Characterization, Management, and Disposal
    The disposal of hazardous waste is governed by the EPA and Department of Health or corresponding state agency. H&A will characterize which disposal designations you are subject to and has extensive experience implementing the requirements of the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act (RCRA).
  • Hazardous Materials DOT and IATA Shipping Requirements and Training
    The DOT and IATA have strict requirements on hazardous materials shipping. H&A helps companies define their compliance obligations and offers both initial and refresher training for employees who prepare, handle and transport hazardous materials.

Regulatory requirements for business operations can often be complex to understand and manage. H&A will help you identify and manage operational regulatory requirements to ensure you are in compliance with various regulatory authorities. Contact us today to begin your hazard analysis.

“Before engaging Hellman & Associates, our track record measured by our OSHA-reported incident rate was not what we wanted it to be, and we lacked the basic documentation that OSHA would need if they showed up on our site for an inspection. With Hellman, we now have experienced and knowledgeable safety managers at our fingertips, and they tailor their work to fit our needs. They’ve helped us introduce a new culture of safety, and it shows – both in our numbers and on our job site.
Chuck Funai
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Cummins Southern Plains