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OSHA’s 2020 Target: Beverage Manufacturers

Are You Prepared for an Inspection? The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) announced a regional emphasis program in the Denver area with a goal to reduce or eliminate hazard exposure for employees working in the beverage manufacturing industry. Effective immediately, OSHA is conducting enforcement

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DOT/FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: Register Now!

The Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (DOT/FMCSA) is introducing the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, a new program regarding drug and alcohol testing records that will go into effect on January 6, 2020. The Clearinghouse is a secure electronic database intended to replace

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Are You Keeping Up with OSHA’s Fall Protection Requirements?

Updated Walking-Working Surfaces Standards for General Industry (29 CFR 1910 – Subpart D) To better protect workers from slip, trip, and fall hazards, OSHA updated Subpart D in January 2017 to revise and add measures that incorporate advancements in industry best practices, as the general

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The Heat is On–Is Your Workforce Safe?

Temperatures in the Denver area eeked up to over 100 degrees last week, with heat spreading from the Plains and Midwest to the East Coast. 50,000 New Yorkers lost power during the heat wave, and temperatures across the country will continue to be in the

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Electrical Safety – You’re Doing It Wrong

Ok I’ll admit it, I chose that title because I wanted to get your attention. But in my experience (and in my defense), a lot of companies don’t understand what OSHA requires when it comes to electrical safety.  So let’s talk OSHA, and more specifically

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OSHA Issues Multi-Employer Citations for Colorado Project Violations

If you hire subcontractors, you are liable for their safety. Under OSHA’s Multi-Employer Citation Policy, “more than one employer may be citable for a hazardous condition that violates an OSHA standard.” Recently, OSHA issued citations and penalties totaling $147,998 to Aspen Contracting Company (Aspen) for exposing

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OSHA’s Top 10 Violations Were Up 10% From 2017

In the top 10 violation categories alone, OSHA issued 31,816 citations last year. That’s up more than 10% from 2017, and every single category saw an increase. Most of these are well-known hazards, yet companies are still not in compliance. Are you certain you’re taking

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