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Why Outsource?

  You can’t do everything! Well, I guess you can try but can you do them all well at the same time? One of the biggest hurdles businesses encounters is management attempting to do everything alone. Handling all facets of the business can lead to

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Dust Can Be Deadly

Beginning in 2007, OSHA increased its inspections and enforcements of combustible dust National Emphasis Programs (NEPs). Based on the agency’s enforcement history, OSHA revised the NEP in January 2023. The purpose of the revised NEP is emphasize OSHA’s intent to inspect facilities that generate or handle

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A Safety Manager on Staff at a Fraction of the Typical Cost

Hellman & Associates has seen a surge in OSHA regulatory engagement with companies during the past year. When it comes to compliance, Hellman & Associates can be the key to favorable results when facing potential violations. Hellman & Associates helps minimize financial losses when in-house

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The Heat Is On

Back in 1985, Glenn Frey sang “The Heat Is On” and that is exactly the forecast! In less than a week, many areas of the country jumped from a mild spring right into major heat waves. This type of quick and ongoing temperature change exposes

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VPP Star Celebration

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration awarded the Voluntary Protection Program Star designation to Hellman & Associates for the 13th consecutive year. This award extends this prestigious designation for another three years. The VPP Star is OSHA’s highest level of recognition

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Does OSHA Reporting Feel Overwhelming?

Does OSHA reporting feel overwhelming? That’s Because It’s Only One of Many Tasks You Do. Some companies prefer to handle their OSHA record keeping in-house. And we understand why one might think that is the best way to handle this requirement. But, too many times

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