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Dust Can Be Deadly

Beginning in 2007, OSHA increased its inspections and enforcements of combustible dust National Emphasis Programs (NEPs). Based on the agency’s enforcement history, OSHA revised the NEP in January 2023. The purpose of the revised NEP is emphasize OSHA’s intent to inspect facilities that generate or handle combustible dusts that are likely to fire, flash or explode. The top five industries with these hazards are farm suppliers, institutional furniture manufacturers, metal window and door manufacturers, sheet metal work manufacturers and furniture repairing operators.
The dusts which are most often associated with workplace issues are:
-coal and other carbons-plastic
-phenolic resins and additives
-rubber biosolids
-organics such as sugar, flour, paper, soap and dried blood

OSHA has implemented a National Emphasis Program (NEP) to identify and reduce hazards which cause or are likely to cause hazards. You can find a PDF of the complete OSHA abstract on this NEP here.

Hellman & Associates has seen a surge in OSHA regulatory engagement with companies during the past year. OSHA regions are required to have inspection and enforcement procedures in place. When it comes to compliance, Hellman & Associates can be the key to favorable results when facing potential violations. We will assist your company to train workers on dust hazards, proper usage of equipment and safe work practices.

We have prepared a number of training materials including videos for your safety meetings. These toolbox topics include related subjects such as silica exposure and respiratory protection. H&A encourages you to download these and use in your safety training meetings.

Hellman & Associates can help companies minimize financial losses when in-house compliance programs came up short, click here and download this solution brief. A comprehensive overview of the ASSUREDCompliance program that has made Hellman & Associates the preferred EHS compliance partner for businesses like yours can be found on this web page.