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OSHA Issues New Focus on Respirable Crystalline Silica

In May 2020, OSHA rolled out its National Emphasis Program (NEP) centered on protecting workers from Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) inhalation. After the initial program roll out, significant changes were made. The following is an overview of the NEP differences:

  • Change in the permissible exposure limit for RCS covering general industry, maritime and construction
  • An updated list of target industries listed by NAICS codes
  • Updated Inspection Procedures for RCS Standards
  • Mandatory state plan participation in this NEP
  • Requirement for Area and Regional Offices to comply but not required to develop and implement corresponding programs
  • Requirement for Area Offices to conduct outreach programs three months prior to initiating RCS inspections
  • Area Offices are no longer required to send abatement verification to the National Office

Details can be read in OSHA directive number CPL_03-00-023.pdf. The appendices in this directive contain the complete list of target and supplemental industries for this NEP.

Is Your Industry On The List?If your facility is not in compliance with OSHA’s RCS Standard, you may be subject to citations and fines. OSHA guidance materials are available to download if you wish to see the details.



General Industry & Maritime


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