OSHA Issued Millions In Fines Last Year.
Nobody Ever Thinks It Will Happen To Their Company.

Preliminary data from 2022 has been reported with fall protection (for the 12th year in a row) being the most cited standard. Ensuring safety and the health of employees happens when employers create and maintain a company-wide environment that starts with training and ends with standards compliance.

It is about about protecting the people. The failure to maintain proper work areas put workers at risk and, in some cases, are fatal. Also, management cannot overlook the financial penalties that accompany citations. OSHA’s highest penalties ranged from $638,000 to $1.3 million in the previous 12 months for companies of different sizes.

Top four most-frequently cited standards in Region 8

  1. Fall Protection:  This standard is designed to protect employees on walking/working surfaces with an unprotected side above six feet. 
  2. Hazard Communication: This standard addresses chemical hazards and the communication of these hazards to workers.
  3. Respiratory Protection: This standard lists requirements for a complete protection program including training, evaluation and other areas of concern.
  4. Machine Guarding: This standard protects operators and others from hazards including machinery and flying debris.

Training components and compliance assessments are crucial to safe working conditions. Hellman & Associates can assist you to review training records, conduct interviews and evaluate the work areas. And if you looking for comprehensive annual reviews, ASSUREDComplianceSM fulfills your ongoing safety needs at a third of the cost of a full-time safety manager. And with ASSUREDComplianceSM, you can rest assured your workforce and your workplace are in safe, working order – guaranteed. If you incur a citation for something we should have managed, we pay for it.

You need to ask yourself: Are you in compliance with OSHA? How about the EPA, DOT or state and local agencies? H&A offers EHS compliance management services that protect your workforce and keep your company current with regulatory requirements.

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OSHA Issued Millions In Fines Last Year.
Nobody Ever Thinks It Will Happen To Their Company.
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