Hellman & Associates

Ryan Hellman Recognized as OSHA Region VIII VPP Leader of the Year

Each year, OSHA Region VIII Recognizes a person or persons from a VPP site who exhibited exemplary leadership in employee safety and health during the previous year. Ryan was nominated by the employees of Hellman & Associates. Their nomination stated Ryan provides H&A staff with training, support, time, equipment, and encouragement to be safe on the job at all times. Hellman & Associates has been a longtime VPP participant and Ryan supports the staff’s participation in the OSHA VPP Special Government Employee program. In fact, at any given time 20-25% of the staff at Hellman & Associates are certified as SGEs. This is a tremendous level of support and commitment to the OSHA VPP.  In addition, Ryan has actively supported OSHA mentoring efforts, conferences and VPP outreach. He is a strong ambassador for employee safety and health in Region VIII.

Left to right: Steve Biasi, Deputy Regional Administrator, OSHA; Lance Naef, Compliance Assistance Specialist and VPP Coordinator, OSHA; Karen Bebensee, Deputy Administrator, OSHA; Brad Baptiste, Regional VPP Manager, OSHA; Ryan Hellman, President, Hellman & Associates; Megan Meagher, Asst. Regional Administrator, OSHA; Jennifer Rous, Regional Administrator, OSHA