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Distracted From Our Work

We are all here for one reason – to get the job done. If it is done in the proper way, there should be no problems. Have you ever heard the saying, “We never have time to do it right, but we always have time to do it over”? In many cases, this appears to be true.

However, if we don’t have time to do a job safely, what happens? The job will have to be done again, of course, but who will do it? There’s a good chance that whoever was completed the job under high pressure of urgency disregarded a few safety precautions and got hurt in the process. He/She might not be able to redo that particular task at all. Safety must be a part of every job we do. It must be on our minds before we begin any task.

We are reminded almost daily that safety plays such an important part of our everyday lives. It makes no difference what we may be doing; we must include a certain amount of SAFETY. We tell our children not to do this or that, and yet when we come to work, we have to be told the same thing.

One thing to remember is that your company can only do so much to preserve your health and well being on the job. The rest is up to you. No safety program, strategy, or device was ever invented that equals the effectiveness of a safety-minded employee. Where possible we need to maintain a focus on our work. Our work often involves a sequence of activities that can be construed as a work plan. Within these activities there are hazards we must be aware of. Distractions from our work can cause us to lose focus on the work plan and forget about the hazards present.

Avoidable Distractions Include:

  1. Blasting a radio loud enough to affect the ability for others to hear what they are doing.
  2. Using a cell phone while working.
  3. Poor housekeeping within the work area.
  4. Disturbing fellow employees during critical activities.

We must practice what we preach. We can make our jobs a lot easier by doing this, at least where safety is involved. Don’t we all want to be safe on the road and the shop? It only takes a fraction of time for an accident to happen. If we just take the time given us to maintain a focus on our jobs, the environment, and potential hazards, a potential accident could be avoided.