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Three Point Rule for Vehicles

Falling while getting into or out of a truck or tractor cab, hooking up air and electrical lines, or mounting or dismounting trailers is a sure way to get seriously hurt. An insurance industry study showed that falls from vehicles produced injuries that were almost 25% worse than other types of injuries.

The biggest single cause of falls from a vehicle is driver error and failure to follow the THREE-POINT rule.


No matter what type of access system your vehicle has available, use the THREE-POINT system to significantly reduce the chance of a slip or fall. The THREE-POINT system means three of your four limbs are in contact with the vehicle at all times-two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand.

The THREE-POINT system allows a person to have maximum stability and support, thereby reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling. Be a winner; use the THREE-POINT system.


  • Wear shoes with good support
  • Exit and enter facing the cab.
  • Slow down and use extra caution in bad weather.
  • Get a firm grip on rails or handles with your hands.
  • Look for obstacles on the ground below before exiting.


  • Don’t climb down with something in your free hand. Put it on the vehicle floor and reach up for it when you get down on the ground.
  • Don’t rush to climb out after a long run. Descend slowly, to avoid straining a muscle.
  • Don’t ever jump out. You may land off balance or on an uneven surface, and fall.
  • Don’t use tires or wheel hubs as a step surface.
  • Don’t use the door frame or door edge as a handhold.
  • Don’t become an injury statistic.

The only person who can prevent a fall is you!